September 20, 2021

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YouCubez Review – What’s making money with cubes?

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YouCubez has something very special among all the other paid to click sites. In YouCubez, you do not click on advertisements, but on cubes. Moreover, behind the simple principle is much more than what one might expect.

Affiliate Programs, Clicks, polls, actions, and more…

Earning Money/day:
Clicks: 15 to 40
Ads: 0.02 – 0.5 cents a day

$5 daily possible
Earn money with bonus promotions: Online surveys, free signups, sweepstakes

2 Referral levels (Premium Members only)
Approx. 10% commission
Referrals can be rented

Payout limit: 6 GBP
Duration: Approx. 1 week
Payout Types: PayPal, AlertPay

Online since 2008

Earning Opportunities
The abundance of features on You-Cubez can initially deter. With numerous methods, you can earn money directly online, but you should first understand the basic idea behind this PTC site.
In the following few paragraphs, I will briefly address the possibilities that you have at YouCubez.

The Cubes
The name giver and the heart of You-Cubez are the colorful cubes (Cubez). Each member may have one or more of their own Cubez and provide a link of his choice. They often use their own websites or advertising links.

Cubez are “charged” with the so-called cube funds which can be earned directly on YouCubez account through various methods.
Clicking on “AdBoard” will take you to an overview of all Cubez that are active. At the top of course are the cubes that are most charged.
By clicking on cubes, you earn your own cube funds and among other things, you unlock ads, with which you can also make real money.
Only for understanding:
The CubeFunds cannot be exchanged for real money. They are only used to charge your Cubez.
You get new Cubez by fulfilling certain tasks or you can buy them.

In principle, the Cubez can be viewed as an extended visitor Exchange system. Free traffic for your website or referral links.

Paid to click Ads
YouCubez offers PTC ads after you click 10 or more Cubez. You can activate the paid to click Ads, which can also come from other outside vendors. However, these are not very well paid on YouCubez.

Additional methods for earning money are also available on YouCubez. Various “Offerwalls” allow access to numerous bonus promotions such as surveys, signups, and paid video views.
With the offers, you can earn the most money by far. In addition, they are rewarding bonus payments to active members

Referral Program:
Here, a 1 level referral program is offered without a limit. Paid memberships unlock a 2nd level, so you get more money for the referrals. For each referred user, you get a cube fund and a portion of the amount that he receives by clicking on cash cubes. Even if a person, which you referred to YouCubez, clicks on a banner XX times, the cube funds increase only by 1. If the referred user orders a premium account, you will receive a bonus payment.

The feature to write private messages to referred members was also implemented. On request, you can also “rent” other users who were not recruited by anyone. The price varies depending on the activity of the user between 1 pound and 0.25 pounds. Here, of course, the risk also plays a major role.

Ease of Use:
This site design makes a fresh impression and is always clear, even if you sometimes have to click through some menus. The new cube system is initially not to be grasped by beginners, the good help page and the great Forum, however, provide workaround and offer great support.

YouCubez has been online since 2008 and has been able to attract hundreds of thousands of users. In the forum, you can read many success stories and praises.

To receive payment or withdraw your money, you have to accumulate six pounds and you must have been logged in the website for at least 14 different days.
You-Cubez pays reliably; the amount of time they take can vary. You can get paid via PayPal or AlertPay. There are many payment evidences in the official Forum.

Up to 2 cents per click
Many earning opportunities
Bonus of up to 16% possible
Cheap premium membership and has real advantages
High commissions for referrals
Fast payout

So far, the site is only available in English language
Default membership give users significantly lower revenue

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